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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walkthrough for The Impossible Game – Christmas

I have downloaded “the Impossible Game – Christmas” a few days ago and have slowly been advancing through the different levels. As you probably found this page by looking for “walkthrough” or “solutions” for the Impossible Game – Christmas, I should not warn you for spoilers; for other: “warning, this post contains spoilers don’t read unless you are really desperate (or lazy).

The Solutions:

  1. Make it snow: Shake your device.
  2. Turn off the lights: “press “off” in the sentence. (hint, look at the order of the lights (top row))
  3. Make the present burst open: fire snowballs at the present until it bursts (tapping the snowballs launches them)
  4. Cool present! Maybe you should tap it?: tap the present (mental note: price tag 42.13)
  5. Tap Christmas day: count up in your calendar to 25, tap that square
  6. Launch the sleigh: pull back the sleigh like you would with an elastic band (swipe it to the left side of your screen and release); you will hear a “pieuw” sound when you are launching it
  7. Stuff the stocking with coal: pull the word “stuff” to the stocking
  8. Make a snow angel: drag the word snow over the word angel and then rub the middle of your devices screen
  9. Stop the stars from flashing: you can drag the stars, drag until you find the red button, then push it
  10. Find the North Pole: turn device upside down
  11. Scratch the gift card: rub with finger over scratchable area; code: pcs220N2LCNN28 (unused)
  12. Catch the icicles: tap them while they fall (be quick)
  13. Hang the wreath: look at the left side of your screen to find the nail, put nail on door, hang wreath on nail
  14. Touch purple, green, red then yellow: tap a purple hat, a green hat, a red hat then tap the word “yellow”
  15. Put the primary color presents in the chimney: drag gift boxes for red, blue and yellow to the word “chimney”
  16. Warm up the hot chocolate: swipe cup to right or left, push “heat”
  17. How many points are on the poinsetta: don’t forget to count the star in the middle: total: 25
  18. Tap all the left/right mittens: tap the ones that correspond to the asked direction
  19. Make a cookie: tap the letters to form “gingerbread”
  20. Bake the cookie at 425 degrees: tap “bake” in the question title, then put heat to 425 using the up and down arrows and push the bake button
  21. Which order did the lights appear? (cf. question 2): orange, green, red, blue
  22. Make a snowman from right to left: press “snowman” twice, two snowballs will appear, stack the smaller one on top of the other. tap snowman again, put the smaller ball on top. Now tap top-right of the middle ball (but close enough to the snowman); first tap will reveal the hand, second tap the arm. Next tap the top ball to make the face appear, then above it to make the hat appear; next tap top-left from the middle snowball to make first hand and then (another tap) the arm.
  23. Help Santa go down the chimney: tap chimney several times to make it wider, then tap “down” in the question title
  24. Make a snowstorm in 10 seconds: tap the snowflake, then tap the next one, and so on; do it quick and a lot of times
  25. Ring the bells in the right order: the bells order is the price of the ray gun from question 4 (4213)
  26. How many candy canes? shake device upside down to make candy canes appear; there are 36
  27. Put the reindeers in alphabetical order: push two reindeers to make them switch places; the correct order is: Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, Rudolph and Vixen
  28. Tie string to each ornament: move the word “string” to the top of each ornament; make sure the ornaments are not spinning, then turn device upside down and shake till string appears
  29. Quickly tap the fourth star: find the fourth star, tap it
  30. What changed from the previous question? There is an extra star ; tap it :-) (i’ll leave it up to you which one that is).

All done!

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